Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New blogging home

Hi lovelies,

I'm going to be pretty much leaving this blog right now.

It's been an exciting couple of years since I started blogging. It has catapulted me to do many great and fantastic things, such as give a talk at Science Online 2010.

Since I started this blog I have also been blogging at other sites, a bit like the neighbourhood cat that gets fed by everyone. You can read my various blog posts on the Guardian's Comment is Free, the Guardian's Environment site blog, Wired UK, The Frontline Club, New Scientist's Culturelab, and Scientific American's guest blog. Phew!

The big announcement is that: I'm engaged. No, not that one. It really is: I'm now blogging as part of the brand-spanking new Scientific American Blog Network.

I'll be writing regular posts (it's in my contract!) for the Creatology blog. It is "an experimental blog coupling science and creativity" and also a sandbox to try out different media. It's a group blog and my co-writers are Gozde Zorlu and Joseph Milton. You can also follow Creatology on Facebook and Twitter @creatologyblog.

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