Saturday, 3 October 2009

A blog about a blog: Love and creativity

This week I had my first blog on Comment is Free on the Guardian online. It was based on a research paper that I managed to get my sticky mitts on into the psychological states of love and creativity. And also sex and analysis. You can learn more if you click through. But you'll be disappointed if you think I'm going to write about my sex life, as many of the commenters on the blog seemed to feel the urge to. So no titillation there, sorry.

On my MA course we've been learning how to use our recorders (the recording things for radio-type ones not the ones you learnt how to play baa baa black sheep on aged seven). I took to the streets of Farringdon armed with my headphones, recorder and mic to quiz some people about what they thought of the link between love and creativity. And here is what I heard:

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  1. Try for loading podcasts that start only when you click on them.