Monday, 12 October 2009

Wordpress - friend or foe?

I think, hope, pray that I will learn to love my new Wordpress blog.

The idea is that is nattily combines my interest in this new-ish phenomenon of positive psychology and my concern for the environment with my need to write a uni blog - all rolled up into one neat package.

It's still in the developmental stages. Ahem. But I wrote two little blogposts tonight and will show it some love over the coming weeks, months and so on. I'm also looking forward to properly uploading multi-media content on there in a player that is not incredibly irritating for visitors.

I will still be blogging on science journalism here – next posts are on presentation of climate change sceptics in the press – so feel free to enjoy both blogs as and when the whim should overcome you.


UPDATE: New blog will be about all things tree, wood, forest and jungle. Probably not tree hugging. Although I won't rule it out.

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